Of Kites and Borders continues its journey

2015-05-27 I 15:37

Of Kites and Borders wins an Audience Award and the Honorable Mention from the Jury at the 21st Latinamerican Cinema Festival of Catalonia.

After the good news, we are now getting ready to travel to Sweden to be part of the Latinamerika i Fokus Festival with a stop in Barcelona, for the America House' Latcinema series. Dates and times coming soon!


BIFF - Beloit Interntional Film Festival's Official Selection

2015-02-17 I 16:27

After our best U.S. Latino Film of 2014 nomination by the Cinema Tropical Awards, Of Kites and Borders continues the festival circuit as part of the Official Selection at the BIFF- Beloit International Film Festival, WI. Screenings on February 22nd and 25th!

Yolanda Pividal (director) with Diego Panich (Postproduction and Color) and
Carmen Vidal(Cinematographer) at the Cinema Tropical Awards ceremony 2015


Of Kites and Borders at MIRADASDOC International Film Festival

2014-11-06 I 04:42

Of Kites and Borders will be screening this Friday November 7th at 9pm as part of the official selection of the International Documentary Film Festival Miradasdoc of Guia de Isora (Tenerife, Spain). A great festival in an amazingly beautiful island. 



2014-10-02 I 21:58

October has turned to be a very busy month for Of Kites and Borders with a total of six screenings and festivals all around the world: from Buenos Aires, to Berlin, to Spain, to New York and to New Orleans, as part of the official competition in the city's international film festival. Check the dates:


*  Cine Migrante - International Film Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Thursday  Oct. 9  6pm. Centro Cultural de España. Sede Florida.


* Lakino. Latin American Film Festival of Berlin (Germany)

Saturday  Oct. 11    10:45pm Babylon Theater 1 Berlin.


* New Orleans Film Festival (USA). Official Competition.

Saturday  Oct. 18    3:15 p.m.  The Theatres at Canal Place #1
Thursday  Oct. 23   12:00 p.m.  The Theatres at Canal Place #9


* Cine Invisible International Film Festival of Bilbao (Spain). Nominee for Best Film directed by a Woman Award.

Saturday Oct. 18   7:30pm  Cines Golem de Bilbao


* The Documentary Forum. New York (USA)

Wednesday  Oct. 22    6pm. CCNY Center for Film, Journalism and Interactive Media.

* International Human Rights and Film Festival of Valencia  (Spain). Official Competition. October 24 -31 2014.


Official Selection New Orleans Film Festival 2014

2014-10-02 I 04:43

Of Kites and Borders has been selected do be part of New Orleans Film Festival(Oct 16-23, 2014) as one of the seven documentaries in competition. We will be there in just two weeks...


Of Kites and Borders in San Francisco

2014-06-12 I 15:38

We are so happy to announce the San Francisco premier of Of Kites and Borders, In this picture, people are waiting to see Of Kites and Borders at the Roxie Theater during the SF DocFest last Sunday. The theater was packed with an enthusiastic audience.  Don't miss our second screening at SF DocFest: Next Sunday, June 15 @ 12:30pm at Oakland School of Arts.

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Of Kites and Borders wins Best Documentary Award at Havana Film Festival New York!

2014-04-14 I 18:10

OF KITES AND BORDERS wins the HAVANA STAR PRIZE FOR BEST DOCUMENTARY at Havana Film Festival New York. We are so thrilled and honored. Congrats to the whole crew and, again, we want to dedicate this award to Edie, Carmela, Fernando and Adrián, the kids who open their doors and hearts to us.

Yolanda Pividal (director) and Carmen Vidal (Photography) along with the members of the Jury.

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Of Kites and Borders' upcoming premieres

2014-03-10 I 16:20

It is all exciting news for Of Kites and Borders. Here is a list of the premieres for March and April 2014:


* Premiere in Spain at Malaga Film Festival on March 27th

* Premiere in New York at the prestigious Havana Film Festival NY on April 4th

* Premiere in Oregon at Ashland Independent Film Festival  April 3rd -7th


Unforgettable premiere in Tijuana

2014-02-07 I 00:08

Here are some images of our Tijuana premiere. Cecut's theater was packed (over 200 people) and post-screening Q&A with the audience was amazing. Also, the panel discussion with Colef's scholars Aida Silva and Guillermo Alonso turned to be an extraordinary and revealing experience. But the best part came when we finally had the chance to share the film with some of the film's protagonists such as Edie and Carmela, who came to the screening with her siblings. They enjoyed the film and got a standing ovation from the public. It was a very emotional and intense night. We want to thank everyone who helped make this event happen and over all, we want to thank Edie, Carmela, and their families who opened their hearts and gave us their smiles once more.

Carmela and her sister, Almarosa, watch themselves in the screen at their home

Carlos Centeno (coproducer) and Yolanda Pividal (director) with Carmela and her siblings at the Theater's entrance right before the premiere

Carmela and her siblings get a standing ovation from the audience at the end of the film.


Of Kites and Borders finally lands in Tijuana

2014-01-25 I 21:32

Next Thursday January 30th, "Of Kites and Borders" will meet Tijuana audience for the first time in a special presentation organized by CECUT, a landmark in the city's cultural life, and the prestigious COLEF Research Center. This will be an open to the public premier that will also offer a panel discussion with anthropologists and experts from both sides of the wall, as well as a Q&A with Yolanda Pividal, director, Carlos Centeno and Abraham Avila, members of the production crew. This will be a very thrilling moment for our film since we hope we will have the chance to finally share the film with Edie, Carmela, Fernando and Adrián, its protagonists. We will keep you posted!


What: "Made in Tijuana" special presentation.

Where: Carlos Monsiváis Theater. CECUT Tijuana (Mexico)

When: January 30th at 7pm (Panel discussion, Q&A and reception will follow the screening).