Of Kites and Borders at the International Film Festival of New Latinamerican Cinema

2013-12-12 I 16:51

Of Kites and Borders has travelled to La Havana (Cuba) to be part of one of the most important events for Latin American cinema.  The screening will be on Friday, December 13 @ 3pm at Infanta Cinema.


Of Kites and Borders Awarded Best Mexican Feature in DocsDF!

2013-11-12 I 05:07

We are still walking on air as we celebrate this new award!
This was our Latin American premiere and for the first time our film was screened on the other side of the border. We received an incredibly good response from the audience and the Best Doc award from the jury. We couldn't ask for more!

With over 150 movies from  27 countries and prestigious guests such as Albert Maysels and Lech Kowalski,  DocsDF is considered one of the most important documentary festivals in Latin America. It has been an honor to be part of such a great event and we would like to thank everyone at the festival for making this experience so meaningful.

We also want to thank our supporters and dedicate this award to Edie, Carmela, Fernando and Adrián, the real protagonists of this story.

Teresa Garcia (coproducer), Yolanda Pividal (director, producer)
and Sara Booth (coeditor) hold the "charrito" award.


Of Kites and Borders in Mexico City

2013-10-28 I 17:25

Of Kites and Borders is taking on its Latin American premiere at the exceptional DocsDF this week. Our screening dates:

* Wednesday, Oct 30th (Cinemex Plaza Insurgentes) at 9:45pm
* Thursday, Oct 31st (at Cineteca Nacional) at 4pm
*  Friday, Nov 1st (Munal) at 4pm
* Saturday, Nov 2nd (Instituto Goethe) at 8:30pm

Yolanda Pividal (director/producer), Teresa Garcia (coproducer) and Sara Booth (coproducer and coeditor) will be there for Q&A with the audience.

We are so thrilled to finally share our film at the other side of the border!


Of Kites and Borders wins Best Documentary Award at San Diego Film Festival

2013-10-07 I 07:50

Of Kites and Borders has been awarded Best Documentary at our premiere at the San Diego Film Festival 2013. During these days, we also had the chance to meet and discuss the film with scholars and researchers at a special event at University of California, San Diego. Having such an amazing response from both the festival audience and the experts on the US / Mexico border makes this award even sweeter. The journey for Of Kites and Borders hast just begun and we don´t know where it will take us, but it is clear we couldn't have had a better starting point. We will continue to keep you posted. Look forward to our next post about our Mexican premiere at Docs DF!


Of Kites and Borders takes off

2013-09-18 I 19:17

After more than four years of hard work, "Of Kites and Borders" is ready to take on the real world. We want to say THANK YOU to all the comrades, professionals and friends who have supported this project over the years. Here is our poster, designed by our great collaborators and friends of Eragin. We also want to send a special thanks to Evasion, that so kindly welcomed our project into their studio

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The Countdown has Begun

2013-03-14 I 15:18

Great News!

The Countdown has begun and Of kites and Border (previously known as Fighting Kites) is taking the final post production stage.

We want to welcome aboard our newest supporter: La Bocina. This is a sound studio based in Madrid that has worked in some of the most important Spanish films of the recent years such as The Skin I live In (dir. Pedro Almodóvar) and Even The Rain, dir. Icíar Bollaín, just to name a few...

We want to thank them and specially Alex, our fantastic sound editor!

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2011-11-09 I 05:35

 After three years of hard work, FIGHTING KITES is taking on the last stage of post-production and we would like to share this moment with you. Come and join us in our work-in-progress screening. Here are the details:

Work-in Progress Screening
Date: Sunday, November 20th @ 5pm
Location: Jacob Burns Film Center, 364 Manville Road,
Pleasantville, New York. NY 10570

FREE entrance



Kites for a tyhpoon

2011-08-27 I 20:59

A child flies a kite in the midst of a Typhoon

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La Nueva Esperanza

2011-07-11 I 19:22

The film was shot in La Nueva Esperanza in Tijuana, Mexico. Last year, a photographer from the Denver Post went to Tijuana and took some incredible photos, including one from La Nueva Esperanza.

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In the news

2011-07-11 I 18:43

We have been working tirelessly to create this feature film and we're very excited for it to be nearing completion. However, this film would not have been possible without the help and support of the Jacob Burns Film Center. They have provided wonderful editing space and have been very helpful to work towards a Final Cut thanks to their "International Filmmaker-in-residence" fellowship.

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